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peak performance mindset


The Peak Performance Mindset (“PPM”) WORKSHOP:​

Exploring the mental foundations of equestrian sports. An online three session workshop, focused on the mental aspect of our game. The PPM workshop presents knowledge, tools and practical techniques to help competitive horse riders step up their game.

develop a peak performance mindset
peak performance


Session one: The Competitor

  • First session is focused on the "Competitive Environment" and the ways it affects riders. We will reveal the “Secret Competition” and discuss a new approach on how to live with A Winner’s Mindset.

Session two: The Team


  • The second session begins with the optimal preparation for show-time. We will understand the power of the mindset on our decisions.  We will discuss the “Jokers” and how to focus to ensure optimal preparation to show. We will discuss consistent communication and the ways the mindset affects our body language. We will introduce cognitive behavioral therapy/training (“CBT”).

Session three: It's Show- Time


  • Overcoming break points that "make or break a run". During show-time everything happens so fast that riders' actions are almost automatic and outside of conscious control. 


    • ​Introducing the "3-point Technique" which is a mental mindset-technical technique based on an automatic action method in order to show horses to their peak.


    • Build your optimal game plan- 
      an introduction to the ongoing approach to building the best game plan for riders' and their horses.


    • Leadership – becoming the leader of our team. Reaching mental toughness and how to incorporate mental toughness into the show pen. 

Develop a peak performance mindset!

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Peak Performance Mindset (PPM)

One of the greatest fallacies in sports is that one’s mental state is an outcome of performance.  Sure, we feel good when we win and bad when we lose; however, these feelings are temporary.  Mental barriers continue to exist regardless of wins or loses and they can take even the most successful athletes out of their game.

On the other hand, athletes or coaches in a slump often say “All we need is a couple of good wins and we’ll snap out of it.”  But just the opposite is true.  Rather than thinking we can improve our mental state by improving performance, we need to realize that improving our mental state is the key to peak performance.

Peak performance is a function of three things:  

  1. The horse’s ability 

  2. The rider’s ability 

  3. The rider’s mindset.  


The horse’s and the rider’s ability are quite easily seen. The rider’s mindset; however, is invisible, so riders are often unaware of its powerful affect it has on their performance. When riders are unaware of their mindset, they often put unnecessary pressure on the horse to make up for problems, which they are causing themselves. The mindset is a key factor in competitive sports; however, we must acknowledge that every sport has its unique trait which the competitors and athletes are mentally challenged by.

The mindset of equestrian sports

Over the years, as a competitive rider and trainer, I have closely observed myself and other riders both in practice and at show-time.  Time and again, I have noticed patterns of behavior that seem to influence performance - for good or for bad. When this occurs, I reflect on my own experience and talk with my riders about the thoughts and feelings that lay behind these patterns. The rider becomes aware of the mindsets that influence his or her performance.  Over time, I found that these mindsets are not purely personal, but affect almost every rider in some way or another.  Then I develop and apply specific techniques for nurturing a productive and strong mindset. In this way, I am continually discovering new aspects to develop Peak Performance Mindset and reach success in equestrian sports.  

The key to developing a Peak Performance Mindset is awareness of our personal challenge. From this starting point we should embrace a progressive approach allowing ourselves to learn, improve, fail and succeed.  

Peak Performance Mindset
Peak Performance Mindset
peak performance


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