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Personal Coaching for riders


Personal Coaching for riders


Mental Athletics presents a comprehensive five-week personalized coaching program aimed at strengthening your mental skills, establishing enduring goals, and delivering customized training exercises.


Our approach emphasizes practical learning and addresses the common challenges equestrians often encounter, providing strategies for overcoming them in the competitive world of horse riding. This exclusive one-on-one coaching experience is an ideal choice for riders globally seeking specialized guidance and a transformative coaching journey.


The PPM One-on-One Five Sessions Program is designed with a unique advantage that revolves around personalization and effectiveness. This program offers riders an exclusive opportunity to experience a tailored and comprehensive learning journey that caters directly to their individual requirements.
The standout feature of this program is its personalized approach, which is centered on understanding and accommodating the specific needs of each rider. The "One-on-One Five Sessions Program" adapts itself to the rider's distinct preferences, taking into account their equine sport and their current level of riding expertise. This means that whether someone is a Professional or an Amateur rider, the program will be customized to provide the most relevant and beneficial guidance.

Personal Coaching for riders
Personal Coaching for riders


In each session, you will not only learn a new training technique but also actively practice it under the guidance of your coach. This hands-on approach ensures you're executing the technique optimally, thereby enhancing its impact. As you progress through the five-week program, you'll become well-versed in employing each technique effectively for your upcoming horse shows. This knowledge will empower you to discern the opportune moments to apply these techniques and understand how to elevate your performance to the highest level.


Our satisfied clients have shared their experiences with us, and we are excited to share them with you.

Show Training Program

It was learning to be "impeccable with my word" as I communicate with my horse. Also, understanding more that I am the competitor and not my horse. Additionally, the visualization exercises are amazing. Gil is an excellent Mental Mindset Coach - and I find it very helpful that he is also a competitor.

I love the Show Training Program and our pre show sessions, working through where my mind is at and what my plan is for the next show. The first part of each STP session is looking at where my head is at, at that time, and Gil brings so much wisdom to remind me to be honest with myself about where I'm at and focus on what I want to achieve as a horsewoman. Verbalizing my plan and learning to enjoy the process. Being able to have short sessions at the show itself are priceless. Those distractions are always there at a horse show and these sessions remind me to trust in myself and my horse. To go through my simple action codes when it comes time to show. To be honest with myself about where I'm at mentally. Sometimes I feel the pressure at a show and being able to talk that through with Gil has helps me to acknowledge it, ditch it and refocus on my plan, my belief in myself and my horse. Win lose or draw, the goal is to be riding to achieve MY Perfect Run at my Peak Performance. This is a program I do each time I am heading to a major event and have come home from these events with many successes personally and as a team. I love that Gil spends time looking at my runs, to see where he can help me from a mindset perspective. Thank you Gil, these principles have helped me even outside the showpen and equestrian world.

Gita Thomas

  • How does the program cater to individual needs?
    The program is tailored to each rider's unique requirements. It considers factors such as the rider's equine sport and their current level of expertise. This ensures that riders of all skill levels, whether professionals or amateurs, receive personalized guidance that suits their needs.
  • What sets the PPM One-on-One Five Sessions Program apart from other training options?
    The standout feature of the program is its personalized approach. It's designed to cater directly to each rider's individual needs and preferences. Whether you're a professional or amateur rider, the program adapts to provide the most relevant guidance for your improvement.
  • How does the program help riders make the most of their training techniques?
    In each session, riders not only learn new training techniques but also actively practice them with their coach. This hands-on approach ensures optimal execution and enhances the impact of each technique. As the program progresses over five weeks, riders become adept at applying these techniques effectively in their upcoming horse shows.
  • How does the program approach challenges faced by riders?
    The program delves into the reasons behind common challenges that riders encounter. By understanding the details of these challenges, the program collaborates with participants to formulate strategies that can be applied to excel in the competitive equestrian environment.
  • Why is personalized coaching beneficial for riders?
    Personalized coaching ensures that riders receive one-on-one interactions and specialized guidance, making it ideal for those seeking a coaching experience. This approach caters to riders worldwide who are looking for tailored support to enhance their mental skills and performance.
  • What does the course cover?
    The course covers a range of topics, which all competitive riders experience and are challenged by in equestrian sports. It also includes practical exercises and techniques that riders can use it to overcome these challenges and improve their performance.
  • How is the course delivered?
    The course is delivered online through a series of video lessons, interactive exercises, and downloadable resources. Participants can work through the course at their own pace and access the materials from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Who is the course designed for?
    The course is intended for individuals who are involved in equestrian activities and wish to enhance both their competitive skills and mental resilience. It is specifically tailored for riders who are motivated to develop and expand their knowledge. By participating in this course, participants can anticipate personal growth that will ultimately benefit them throughout their competitive journey in the world of equestrian sports.
  • What is the "Peak Performance Mindset" online course?
    The "Peak Performance Mindset" is an online course designed for equestrians who want to improve their competition performance by learning strategies for managing mindset, building confidence, and developing a winning approach. The course focuses on the unseen element, the riders’ Mindset, which plays a powerful factor in equestrian sports, both for the rider and its horse.


In a highly competitive equestrian world focused on maximizing our equine partners' potential, Mental Athletics stands at the forefront of rider development, concentrating specifically on the mental dimensions of equestrian sports. Our core belief is simple yet powerful: a rider's mindset is a fundamental factor in their journey toward achieving both high performance and well-being. We take pride in supporting competitive equestrians worldwide. Our role is to help them cultivate a resilient mindset, unlocking their peak riding abilities, horsemanship skills, and overall performance.


Our specialized program is tailored for competitive equestrians, focusing on enhancing riding skills, performance, and overall well-being. It's designed to empower riders striving for excellence and a positive competitive journey. The program includes daily sessions to address unique challenges during competitions and boost mental readiness for success.

The Show Training Program features:
- Personalized pre-show sessions.
- Daily check-in practices for peak performance.

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