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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

 We offer three types of personal coaching – one-on-one coaching with the riders.

Single Session, Five sessions or Show training:

Mental Athletics

PeakPerformance Mindset:

The sessions are an introduction to the unique approach of developing mental toughness in the competitive environment. This is a personal fitted program working on the foundations of the rider’s mental skills and providing riders with long-term goals and training exercises.

This program consists of:


  • Five (5) personal sessions, one hour each session, one session per week 

  • Personal fitted program working on the foundations of your mental skills, and providing riders' with a long-term goals and training exercises


Show Training:


This is a dynamic and personal program to assist the rider peak perform and reach the rider’s competitive goals. Daily sessions will help achieve the secret element to reach peak performance. Many riders are aware of the mental challenges that confront riders from performing their peak ability at the horse show. This program has proven success among riders in the show pen!  When a mental mindset coach is available to a rider, the results are increased competitive strength and mental toughness to maximize performance.

Single Sessions:


Show Preparation/Goal Setting/Building a Game Plan

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