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Mental Athletics

Mental Athletics

Equestrians Mindset Training




 Gilead (Gil) Friedman


I'm Gilead (Gil) Friedman, the founder and head coach of Mental Athletics. With over 20 years in the horse industry, I've learned the importance of a strong mindset in sports. We now know that mental toughness can be developed through training.

That's why I created Mental Athletics to help riders at all levels enhance their mental game and achieve their Peak Performance Mindset (PPM). My goal as a Performance Mindset Coach is to support riders worldwide in improving their well-being and performance.


If you want to take your mental game to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Mental Athletics offers both digital courses and one-on-one coaching to help you achieve your goals. 


mental coaching for horse riding

"The Peak Performance Mindset" online course is designed for equestrians who want to improve their competitive performance and well-being. The course offers five unique training modules for learning strategies on managing mindset, building confidence, and developing a winning approach. 


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Discover your path to excellence through personalized one-on-one coaching, tailored to the transformative 'Peak Performance Mindset' (PPM) method. Elevate your competitive approach by learning the art of mental resilience using exclusive techniques and exercises, all while achieving your goals and finding profound fulfillment in your journey of competition.


Our satisfied clients have shared their experiences with us, and we are excited to share them with you.

“1st Place, score of 85.5 L2 Select SMS"

Proud moment for Cooper and I. Thank you Gil. Your method is working and becoming an integral part of my mindset”

Terri Chistofferson

"Stress was so much lower"

“Just FYI.  We had a really good show this past weekend.  I used the “chase the rabbit” a lot and our 3 point technique.  My mind was more tuned in and stress was so much lower. 
Thanks for all you do.

Brad Glazer

" Have to be the leader of my team"

My focus in the show pen has increased significantly as my awareness on how I impact my horse is better understood. I have to be the leader of my team and I can only do that when I am confident about what I am doing.


"Impeccable with my word" 

It was learning to be "impeccable with my word" as I communicate with my horse. Also, understanding more that I am the competitor and not my horse. Additionally, the visualization exercises are amazing. Gil is an excellent Mental Mindset Coach - and I find it very helpful that he is also a competitor.

Gita Thomas

"You don’t have any idea how much you help me"

Thank you so much for all the help , you don’t have any idea how much you help me, I think this was one of my best shows when I was more present and I had the best visualization. I was feeling really good. Thank you so much for everything

Leo Kellerman 

"The mental game is as important as the physical game"

The mental game is as important as the physical game in our sport. It is awesome to have someone who is a mental coach as well as a Reining trainer to put together an amazing program to help us in developing ourselves and help us achieve our very best with our horse partners.  Thank you Gil!!!

Andrea Beale 


By emphasizing the connection between mental attitude and riding skills, the approach asserts that unlocking high performance originates from mental conditioning